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Introducing the Bar M Hook Halter, expertly hand crafted in the heart of New Zealand using locally sourced, high quality marine grade rope. Built to withstand the rugged elements, this halter redefines ease and versatility in every way. Say goodbye to fumbling with knots in the dark or during moments under pressure. Its ingenious design features an easy hook closure setup. Simply slide the loop through the eye and onto the hook, adjusting the length over the poll with a bowline tied on the offside. You can be sure that these hook halters are made with grit and grace to stand up to all our harsh elements. Leave it outside on the gate for 2 years, and you bet it will still be there ready to go! They absolutely will not stretch or break - they are colt starter verified! It’s not just a halter, it’s a statement piece of tack with style and practicality!


The Hook Halter offers exceptional adjustability, fitting a wide range of horses. The multi-color braided noseband, functioning like a Bosal, ensures even pressure across the nose. The attached leadrope creates a seamless rope-to-rope connection, enhancing your communication and feel while working with your horse. Experience unmatched convenience and precision with the Bar M Hook Halter.

The Hook Halter Chocolate, White +Pink

  • - tough to stand up to our elements

    - easy to put on and off = no tieing knots

    - black halter and lead rope, chocolate, neon pink + white braided noseband

    - matching 12ft lead suitable for all horsemanship and groundwork

    - comes in standard horse size which is adjustable across a range of sizes from cob to small warmblood. 

Bar M Owner Cowgirl Branding riding Quarter Horse in the Branding Trap

~Live each day with courage
~Take pride in your work
~Always finish what you start
~Do what has to be done
~Be tough, but fair
~When you make a promise, keep it
~Ride for the brand
~Talk less, say more
~Remember that some things aren't for sale
~Know where to draw the line     

The Cowboy Code

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