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Working with colour themes and patterns is something that is close to Maker Millie's heart. She prides herself in selecting one of a kind colour combinations and patterns that are totally unique to each client and that no two designs will go out the door looking the same, no matter the product! Designed on pillars of durability, top notch quality, beauty and love, each product that heads out the door from Bar M tells a story unique to the client! It should speak to your heart and soul.

Bar M Handmade Mohair Breast Collar Rope Halter Cactus Fallow Antler
About Our Leather
Bar M Handmade Mohair Cinch Work in Progress


We select materials that are only of superior quality and longevity. The equine and agricultural world provide some of the harshest environments, exposed to weather often and the strength is tested to the max. We pride ourselves on making products built on grit and grace that will last a life time of challenging use yet still look classy and compliment your style in the right way. Our materials are sourced both locally and internationally to provide a superior product in a high class market. 


At Bar M, we take immense pride in the value, beauty, and significance crafted into every piece of tack and each hat we create. Handmade is exactly as it sounds; 


'made by hand, not by machine, often resulting in superior quality.'


 There are no machines here, no factory lines, everything is made using traditional techniques while being crafted with grit and grace, and built to tell your story. Sometimes the repetitive work with tough, hardy materials required for horses can be incredibly harsh on the hands!

Bar M maker hand handmade callused working hands


Hands of the MAKER ~ Millie

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