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Grey Horse with Bar M Hook Halter


Can I order more than one colour for the noseband of my Horsemanship Halter?

Yes, for an added cost, you can! Send me an email at or flick me a message on Facebook or Instagram and I will get your order sorted that way.​

How do I wash my Halter?

It is not recommended that you put your halter in the washing machine - this may untie the knots. When any knots are untied, the halter needs to be completely retied at your cost. We recommend soaking in a plant based natural 'Nappy San', followed by a scrub with a nail brush, rinse completely so no soap is left and line dry!

How do I resize my Horsemanship Halter?

This halter is designed to fit multiple horses using the two knots. If you do need to resize it to fit better, you can adjust the fiador knot (under the chin) and the poll knots. DO NOT UNTIE ANY KNOTS!! To adjust, simply push both ends from the knot together to loosen it. Once loose, you can slide the knot up or down by working the rope the direction you want to move it through the knot.

Is the Hook Halter adjustable?

This halter less adjustable for multiple horses than the Horsemanship Halter. It is adjustable with a bowline knot on the offside and has the simple hook for doing the Halter up on the near side so that it can be correctly fitted to your horse.

I can't decide between the Horsemanship Halter and the Hook Halter?

Both of these halters are made with the same materials and are very similar. I like to think of the Hook Halter as a nice easy using halter that looks great (and is great for kids to use) and is a little more showy. The Horsemanship Halter is a better fit if you are using one halter for multiple horses because of its versatility. Both halters have a braided noseband, come with a nice long heavy 12ft lead and can be used to ride in a halter.

Do you make custom sized Halters?

Yes! I can make halters of all sizes, there will be a small cost for any size other than standard.

Bar M Leather Stamp on Mohair Cinch

Mohair Products

What size cinch do I need?

For all the information to help with choosing the best fit cinch for you horse, see 

How do I wash my cinch?

The easiest way to wash your cinch, is to use a pressure washer/water blaster or garden hose and if you don't have one at home, head down to the nearest car wash outfit and use one there. Move the water stream slowly over the whole bottom side of the cinch in the same direction so all the dirt comes out together. Continue until the water runs clean. If there is just lots of horse hair in your cinch, don't get too stressed about cleaning it as the hair felts together and makes it even softer on the horse's barrel.

Is Mohair strong enough for a Cinch?

Yes! Mohair is one of the strongest natural fibres- stronger than wool. Because it is a short fibre, it requires so many hairs to be twisted together to make the ply in the cinch cord. It is also a great fibre to use because it does not stretch like wool. The Mohair is woven together to make a Cinch or Breast Collar and this increase its strength even more.

Won't the Mohair make my horse sweat more?

No! Mohair has a natural moisture wicking property which pulls the sweat away from the horses body. Because Mohair tack is made from cord running between the buckles, it is very breathable and spreads across the covered area. This allows better airflow than a synthetic Cinch - wouldn't you rather use a natural material too?!

If the colour I am wanting isn't on your website, can I still order it?

Quite possibly! The best thing in this case is to send me an email ( or message me on my Facebook or Instagram pages to let me know which colour you are after and I will hunt around and do my best to find it for you!

How do I order?

If you are after Halters, Reins or Clothing and Accessories, you can order right here on the website. If you are after Mohair products, submit a form requesting a quote here on my website and we will discuss the design to make your order perfectly customised to you.

Where do you get your supplies from?

All over the world! My mohair comes from the USA and Australia and my paracord comes from Australia and a little from China. My caps are made in Australia and my tee shirts here in New Zealand. The rope that I use for the Halters and Leadropes is also made in New Zealand!

Where are you located?

I am located in the lower South Island of New Zealand.

Do you ship Internationally?

Yes! So far I have sent products to New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA and Vanuatu in my first year of business alone! I hope that this continues to expand.

How long will my order take?

Because all tack at Bar M is handmade and also custom to each client, there is a wait time to receive it. It is my aim that halters will be turned around within 3-4 weeks, reins within 8-10 weeks and mohair products within 12-14 weeks. Sometimes it may be sooner than this. If there is a hold up, I will email you to advise you of this.

Do you make gear for mini ponies?

Yes! All gear can be made to custom sizes!

What is your Shipping and Returns Policy?

Because all tack at Bar M is handmade and also custom to each client, there is no hard and fast Return Policy. To see more information, please contact us by email at to discuss your case. I guarantee the quality and materials of all the gear I make here at Bar M however this does not include general wear and tear (or animals eating mohair tack), customer dissatisfaction with colours or ordering the wrong size. If an exchange is authorised, the product must be sent back to Bar M within 30 days of purchase and must be in clean unused condition. There will be a 15% restocking fee minus the original shipping and payment company fees. The customer will be responsible for return shipping costs and the will be placed at the back of current queue for waiting for a replacement product. 

We ship all over the world and have so far sent products to New Zealand, Australia, England, Canada, USA and Vanuatu! Shipping will be charged at checkout and is Courier Post which you will be emailed a tracking number once your product has been sent. 

Custom Braided Reins


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