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  • Can I choose more than one colour for the noseband of my Horsemanship Halter?
    Yes, for an added cost, you can! Send us a message from the contact page and we will sort it for you.
  • Is the Horsemanship Halter or the Hook Halter best for me?
    When people ask us which halter is best for my horse - we like to explain that the Horsemanship Halter is very versatile and easily adjustable, making it a great halter to use for many different sized horses. The Hook Halter is also adjustable however it requires a little more effort to do so, making the Hook Halter a wonderful choice for a 'top quality, classy halter' to use as your show/town halter and it will always fit your horse exactly the same way. It is also great for kids being so easy to do up and take off!
  • How to I wash my halter?
    It is not recommended that you put your halter in the washing machine - this may untie the knots. When any knots are untied, the halter needs to be completely retied at your cost. We recommend soaking in a plant based natural 'Nappy San', followed by a scrub with a nail brush, rinse completely so no soap is left and line dry!
  • How do I resize my halter?
    This halter is designed to fit multiple horses using the two knots. If you do need to resize it to fit better, you can adjust the fiador knot (under the chin) and the poll knots. DO NOT UNTIE ANY KNOTS!! To adjust, simply push both ends from the knot together to loosen it. Once loose, you can slide the knot up or down by working the rope the direction you want to move it through the knot.
  • Is the Hook Halter adjustable?
    This halter less adjustable for multiple horses than the Horsemanship Halter. It is adjustable with a bowline knot on the offside and has the simple hook for doing the Halter up on the near side so that it can be correctly fitted to your horse.
  • Do you make custom size halters?
    Yes! We can make halters of all sizes, there will be a small cost for any size other than standard. Contact us if you need a halter made to specific measurements or copied off one you have that fits well.
  • Where do you source your supplies from?
    All over the world! Our mohair comes from the USA and Australia and our paracord comes from Australia and a little from China. Our caps are made in Australia and tee shirts here in New Zealand. The rope that we use for the Halters and Lead ropes is also made in New Zealand!
  • Do you ship internationally?
    Yes! So far we have sent products to New Zealand, Australia, Canada, USA, England and Vanuatu!
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