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The Traditional Mecate Rein

Explore the versatility of the Traditional Mecate Rein, a 22ft braided rein essential in the western world, integrating seamlessly into snaffle bit or bosal setups. Learn more about its applications and significance below.

Grey Horse with Bar M Mecate Rein

Ride For The Brand

The Traditional Mecate Rein, a versatile 22ft long braided rein setup is a common and indispensable component in the cowboy world. The term "mecate" originates from Spanish and refers to the rope used in a hackamore setup, traditionally crafted from mane hair. Typically integrated into snaffle bit or bosal setups, the free end  of the mecate is either coiled and attached to the saddle or tucked under your belt. When the rider dismounts, the lead rein is used as a lead rope and a form of lunge line when needed.


In a snaffle bit setup, the mecate attaches to the bit using leather slobber straps, designed to break in case of a mishap to protect the horse's mouth. Slobber straps often feature intricate designs and are a crucial element of the snaffle bit mecate setup. A mecate on a snaffle rig is ideal for everyday riding and ponying out colts for later rides.

While the applications of riding with a bosal may differ significantly, the mecate rein remains versatile and adaptable in various riding scenarios.


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