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Mohair Cinches and Breast Collars

A Handmade Mohair Cinch and Breast Collar represents a stunning addition to your tackroom, a true masterpiece in handmade tack. Our cinches are not only breathtakingly beautiful but also remarkably tough and durable. Each piece is uniquely crafted according to your preferred color theme, ensuring that no two cinches or breast collars I create are ever alike!

Sorrel Horse with Bar M Custom Tack Mohair Breast Collar

Why Mohair?

Mohair, sourced from Angora goats, is an exceptionally robust natural fibre. Bar M's Cinches and Breast Collars are exclusively crafted from 100% natural mohair, renowned for its breathability. This feature enables efficient wicking of sweat and moisture away from the horse's skin, significantly reducing the risk of cinch soring. Mohair's slight give grants the horse freedom of movement while under saddle, ensuring unparalleled comfort. Unlike blended-fibre cinches, our mohair products maintain their original length without any stretching over time, guaranteeing lasting quality and performance. 


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