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Bar M Horsemanship Halter

Experience horsemanship reimagined with our Bar M Horsemanship Halter, meticulously crafted in New Zealand. Designed for ease, it eliminates knots and offers seamless adjustability, enhancing your communication with your horse. Step into a world of unmatched convenience and precision.

Horsemanship Halter Colt Starting Custom Halter
Horsemanship Halter Colt Starting Halter Breaking Custom Halter Roan Horse

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Introducing the Bar M Horsemanship Halter, expertly crafted in the heart of New Zealand using high-quality marine-grade rope. Built to withstand the rugged elements, this halter redefines ease and versatility in every way. Say goodbye to fumbling with knots in the dark or during moments of haste. Its ingenious design features a hassle-free loop and slider setup. Simply take the piece that goes over the poll and slip it through the loop, securing it effortlessly beside the knot with a simple slider system.

Originally designed by Ben Longwell at True West Horsemanship, this halter offers exceptional adjustability, fitting a wide range of horses. The single-color braided noseband, functioning like a Bosal, ensures even pressure across the nose. Plus, the attached leadrope creates a seamless rope-to-rope connection, enhancing your communication and feel while working with your horse. Experience unmatched convenience and precision with the Bar M Horsemanship Halter.

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