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Bar M Hook Halter

Meet the Bar M Hook Halter, a testament to craftsmanship and functionality. Handmade in New Zealand from robust marine-grade rope, this halter is your ultimate solution for ease and versatility. With a stainless steel hook and an adjustable design, it's not just a halter; it's a statement of style and practicality. Dive in to explore this exceptional piece further.

Introducing the Bar M Hook Halter, carefully handcrafted in New Zealand from incredibly durable marine-grade rope, built to withstand the elements. Designed for effortless use, this halter eliminates the hassle of tying knots, providing unmatched ease and versatility. Featuring a stainless steel hook for everyday convenience, simply slide the loop through the eye and onto the hook, adjusting the length over the poll with a bowline tied on the offside.


Fully adjustable to fit a wide range of horses, the Hook Halter includes a braided noseband in up to three colors, offering even pressure similar to a Bosal. Its seamless leadrope with rope to rope connection enhances communication while working your horse, creating a great, consistent feel. With a variety of vibrant color options, this halter is bound to turn heads wherever you go, offering both style and functionality.

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