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Bar M Hook Halter

Hook Halter Custom Halter
Bar M Hook Halter
Horses with bar M Hook Halter Rope Halter

The Bar M Hook Halter is handmade here in New Zealand from quality NZ made marine grade rope. It is tough to stand up to our elements and is the easiest and most versatile halter ever! It is designed to remove the hassle of having to tie a knot on your halter - no more knots in the dark or in a rush. The Hook Halter has a stainless steel hook for everyday use that you simply slide the loop through the eye and onto the hook. It has a bowline tied on the offside, which is how you can adjust the length over the poll. 

The Bar M Hook Halter is fully adjustable over the poll and will fit a large range of horses. It also includes a braided noseband with up to three colours, which acts like a Bosal and provides nice even pressure across the noseband. With an attached leadrope which is all one piece, it creates great feel when working your horse. With many great colour options, this halter will definitely have everyone looking your way!

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