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Bar M Halters and Leads

Bar M Horsemanship Halter
Horsemanship Halter Custom Halter
Bar M Hook Halter with Business Card

Here at Bar M, I have created two different styles of Halter of which both come with a 12ft lead shank. The Bar M Horsemanship Halter and the Bar M Hook halter are both known for their difference and simplicity for putting on and taking off a halter. They are both rope halters with a braided noseband which provides a nice consistent feel for all work. Both Bar M halters have a closure that is different to a normal halter - you do not need to tie any knots! The long lead shank is nice and heavy, making it great for all groundwork. It is long enough to be tied around to make a rein for riding in a halter. 

Being handmade here in New Zealand, from rope also sourced locally, you can be sure that these halters are made with grit and grace to stand up to all our harsh elements. Leave it outside on the gate for 2 years, and you bet it will still be there ready to go!

When people ask me which halter is best for my horse - I like to explain that the Horsemanship Halter is very versatile and easily adjustable, making it a great halter to use for many different sized horses. The Hook Halter is also adjustable however it requires a little more effort to do so, making the Hook Halter a wonderful choice for a 'nice halter' to use as your show/town halter and it will always fit your horse exactly the same way. It is also great for kids being so easy to do up and take off!

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