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The Cowboy Bridle

Introducing the innovative Bar M Cowboy Bridle, a product crafted with precision and care for both form and function. Designed with the well-being of your horse in mind, this handmade rope bridle stands out for its superior comfort and adaptability. See more below to find out how grit meets grace!


The Cowboy Bridle is a meticulously crafted rope bridle designed without any hardware, ensuring complete comfort for your horse. This split ear bridle can be precisely adjusted to fit your horse perfectly, guaranteeing an ideal placement without affecting any nerves or muscles on the horse's face.


What sets Bar M's Cowboy Bridle apart is its innovative quick change bit setup, featuring a knot and slider system similar to our renowned Horsemanship Halter. Adjustability is key, and our bridle achieves this effortlessly with a convenient knot on the near side, accommodating a wide range of sizes.

Crafted from double braid marine grade rope, this bridle is handcrafted to endure the harshest outdoor conditions. Resistant to moisture, sweat, salt, and extreme weather, it remains strong and intact. Say goodbye to stretching or breaking – the Cowboy Bridle is built to withstand all elements, ensuring durability and reliability in every ride.

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