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Bareback Riggings

Mohair Roughstock Cinch

Roughstock Cinch Bucking Horse Cinch Bar

Discover the exceptional quality of our Handwoven Mohair Roughstock Cinch, available in the standard length of 30 inches. Crafted with 25 strands, this double-layered cinch provides superior strength, making it ideal for bucking stock. All cinches come with durable stainless steel end dees for added durability.

Our Roughstock Cinches can be perfectly coordinated with chaps or other cowboy gear, ensuring a cohesive look. The design possibilities for your cinch are vast, so please request a personalised quote below to discuss your preferences. For inspiration, feel free to explore my Facebook and Instagram photos.


To secure your custom cinch, a $100 deposit is required, with the remaining balance invoiced upon completion. Expect an emailed invoice after our design discussion. The turnaround time for our specially crafted mohair tack is currently estimated at 12 weeks, unless specified otherwise. Embrace the artistry of handmade cowboy gear, tailored to your unique style.

Discuss Design and Request A Quote Here

We look forward to making your dream piece!

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