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Rodeo Gear

Rodeo stands as one of the most exhilarating sports, where horsemanship, stockmanship, and athleticism converge. Infuse your personal style into the arena by curating a unique color theme for your gear. With a diverse selection of handmade arena essentials, Bar M becomes your ultimate destination for custom-made cowboy gear built on Grit and Grace!

Rope Horse Breakaway Roping

~Fear is temporary, Regrets last for ever~

Roughstock Cinch Bucking Horse Cinch Bareback Cinch
  • Unique 6 strand tight braid

  • Round braid making the rein easier to hold

  • Slightly smaller than a typical bronc rein

  • Braided with twine right down to the eye which is reinforced with paracord to ensure there are no breakages

  • 8 strand hand braided rein with knots for barrel racing

  • Core in the round braid provides great feel and weight

  • Colours can be matched to the rest of your tack!

  • Hand weaved mohair roughstock cinch at regular length (30 inches)

  • 25 strand double layered cinch providing extra strength for bucking stock

  • It is strongly reinforced in the centre to provide extra strength

  • Stainless steel End Dees unless requested otherwise.

  • Custom colour patterns - match it to your chaps!

Presenting Prize in Rodeo Arena


Sponsorship Opportunities

Sponsorship has been a big part of Bar M Custom Tack right from the beginning. From supporting Cowboys and Cowgirls to continue working towards their goals and help them get down the road, helping junior and rookie riders reach their dreams and helping to provide them with opportunities, to sponsoring events. To me when you enter an event and there are fantastic prizes from sponsors, this encourages you to show up to the next one. You will put the work in to make sure you are in the running for a top spot next time and so on, and in turn, this continues to better the sport! 

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